Monday, February 01, 2010

Month #1 Jan 2010 In Review

It's been a month of living a low carb lifestyle. I've had some ups and downs, some good days and bad days. Which is not all that surprising. Overall, I'm happy with myself. I made a lot of changes in just one month's time.

We didn't follow any one diet. Nor did we completely eliminate all sugars or carbs. On average, I would say that we stuck to around 25-30 carbs per day. I didn't count calories. And I didn't exercise at all. (Is this even a weight loss blog?!?!)

What I did do is drastically change my eating habits. I started eating mostly low carb foods and no sugar snacks. I stopped drinking pepsi and started drinking lots of water. I tried to eat 3 balanced meals most of the time. And I only let myself splurge a few times this month. Once, I've already mentioned in a previous post and another time when my husband went out of town, I had pizza one night for supper.

So where do the numbers stand?

Jan. 1:  318.5
Feb. 1: 306.5
Difference: -12

I'm happy to have lost 12 pounds. But I'm also disappointed because if you remember, I lost 7 of those pounds the first week. So....if that trend had continued, I would have lost 28 pounds this month. As time went by, the diet got more difficult and I let myself have larger portions.

In February, I need to work on adding some exercise, because I won't continue to lose weight every week, simply by changing my diet. I need to have some kind of routine. Also, I would like to count calories. I've read several blogs that have had great success, not by following a diet, but by just counting calories. Keeping a food log would be a great help to meeting this goal.

So there you have it. One month gone and 12 pounds gone. Hopefully, forever!

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