Wednesday, January 27, 2010

While the DH is away, the DW will play. Or not...

My husband left this morning for a Bible conference. He will be gone until late Sunday. I'm telling you this because of the impact it has on me. Yes, of course, I'm going to miss him terribly. But more importantly, for the purpose of this blog anyway, I'm worried about what effect his being gone is going to have on my diet.

He does most of the cooking in our house. Because he went to culinary school, so it just seemed like the natural thing to do. I'm not very good in the kitchen, except for a few key dishes. I can heat up some Ramen or make pasta, or scoop some ice cream into a bowl. None of which are good for my diet.

The diet is continuing to go well. I'm still losing weight! So I don't want his absence to ruin the changes we've made in the last few weeks. We stocked up on chicken salad and sugar free pudding cups, apples and eggs. I should be able to make good choices this week. I have plenty of fast and easy meal options.

But nevertheless, I'm a little concerned. You see, he is my strength. We have been relying on each other to keep up in check. It's actually been great to have a constant support system. I think openly talking about our diet and weight has really helped us to stay on-plan.

We'll still be communicating via the phone and the internet. So hopefully, we can still offer each other moral support. And I know we're both strong enough to get past this weekend. It is just going to take a little bit of extra effort. That's totally something I'm willing to do!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Back on Plan

Sunday was a test and I failed miserably.

Once ever month, my husband, who went to culinary school and used to work in restaurants, makes a huge meal for the martial arts school that he attends. There is usually a theme to the meal; this month was breakfast. He almost always insists that I go. It's a long day of cooking, then eating and socializing, talking about the status of the school and then cleaning up. So instead of sitting at home alone all day long, I generally go with him.

This Sunday was the first meal since we started our low carb diet. I didn't want to go because, even though they were having bacon & eggs, they were also serving french toast, biscuits & gravy etc. Again, he insisted I go, so I told myself that I would eat the bacon, eggs and sausage, but no more. But of course, I ate the french toast as well. He even made a strawberry sauce to go over it. Yum!

It was the first sugar I've had since the January 1. To say it tasted yummy would be a grave understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the time spent with friends. But afterward, I was so mad at myself for eating so much. I was practically in tears because I felt so fat.

Then I realized that it wasn't so bad.

That was the only meal I had that day. No breakfast or dinner. So the calories and carbs consumed in that meal were all I had to calculate. And sure it was a much higher number than the previous week, but it still wasn't worth getting so upset over.

The morale of this story though comes from Monday. I woke up determined to get back on plan. And I did. I only ate the things we had bought for our new lifestyle. I didn't let that one meal ruin everything we've been working so hard for.

I'm down 10 pounds now and that one meal is not going to ruin it. Sure, I may have to face not having a loss this week, or even worse a gain, but that's going to happen every week. I'm going to have bad days, even bad weeks. But if I move past it and get back on plan, I will succeed.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Tiny Confession

Okay, I have a tiny confession to make.

I know I said I was going to wait one month before weighing in again. I just couldn't. I was trying so hard to be good. But I needed to know if the major changes I was making to my lifestyle were having any effect.

And guess what? They are!

After one week, I lost 7 pounds! Now, of course, I know that some of that was surely water weight and not really a loss. However, I weighed myself properly, on the same day of the week, around the same time, wearing the exact same thing. And the number came out the same 3 times in a row. So! I'm excited.

I've also noticed some other things changing with my body. For one thing, with the PCOS, I have never had a regular menstrual cycle. Doctors have told me that a cycle can be triggered by even the smallest weight loss. So guess what made an appearance last week as well?

Not to mention that I just feel better. I feel better about myself for eating healthy, for making changes in my life that will impact who I am for years to come.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A New Decade...A New Lifestyle

And so begins another year, filled with new hope, new goals & new determination. Like most people, I feel the urge to make resolutions & also like the majority, I fail to meet those resolutions. So with success in mind, I am making a list of goals for this year.

1. Eat healthier. More specifically, to eat a low carb diet. Abstain from soda & drink mostly water.
2. Blog more often. Blogging is so therapeutic for me. I don't know why I don't write more often. I'm sure the lack of feedback has a lot to do with it. But I need to accept that I'm writing for myself & not for anyone else.
3. Read at least 3 chapters in the Bible each day so I can finish it in 1 year. I'm ahead of schedule on this goal!
4. Go back to school and finish my degree. I've already reapplied. Now I need to get started on the FAFSA paperwork and sit down with an advisor.
5. Begin researching adoption & find out what our options are. I'm still having trouble coming to grips with the fact that I will most likely never have my own children. Years ago, when I was first told the news, it didn't bother me much. But now that I'm married & all of my friends have babies, I realize what I'm missing out on.

My husband & I have started a low carb diet as of Jan. 2. So far, we've done really great. I'm trying not to focus too much on weight loss. Yes, of course, I want to lose weight. But first & foremost, I need to get my sugar issues under control. I'm going to stop the weekly weigh-ins because that is obviously not helping. I've fluctuated between a 10 pound range the entire year. I think it would be better to keep the weigh-ins on a monthly schedule. Hopefully, I will see great change, but my focus will be on getting healthier.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010 Monthly Weigh-Ins

From now now, the weekly weigh-ins will move to a monthly schedule.

January 2, 2010