why I want to lose weight....

Though these reasons for losing weight are my own, inspiration for this list is from this blog and this blogger's list. I felt that it was important for me to create my own reasons for wanting to lose weight. This list will serve as a reminder to me when dieting becomes difficult, when I say that one slice of cake or an extra serving of potatoes won't matter. I can read this list and realize that I'm doing this for me.

  1. to lead a healthy lifestyle
  2. not get diabetes
  3. regulate my PCOS
  4. possibly help with infertility
  5. to not be limited by my weight
  6. to not be embarrassed in public places
  7. not worrying if I'm the fattest person in the room
  8. to be able to shop at normal clothing stores
  9. not being embarrassed to get my picture taken
  10. to go horseback riding
  11. ride my bike again without worrying about deflating the tires
  12. to swim in public in a bathing suit, not a tank top and shorts
  13. to not be embarrassed by my body when I'm with my husband
  14. to be able to paint my toenails easily 
  15. to not worry about whether I'll fit in the booth at a restaurant
  16. to be judged by who I am and not my weight
  17. to not feel too fat to go to the gym 
  18. to qualify for health insurance
  19. to be able to cross my legs
  20. to have job interviews where I'm judged by my merits and credentials, not my weight
  21. to not have to wear shorts under dresses and skirts so my thighs don't rub together
  22. to be able to wear my wedding ring again
  23. to be able to wear my cross necklace without the extender
  24. not let my eating habits control any aspect of my life
  25. to be comfortable in the bath
  26. go to amusement parks again and not worry about fitting
  27. to fly without needing the seat belt extender

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