Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Back on Plan

Sunday was a test and I failed miserably.

Once ever month, my husband, who went to culinary school and used to work in restaurants, makes a huge meal for the martial arts school that he attends. There is usually a theme to the meal; this month was breakfast. He almost always insists that I go. It's a long day of cooking, then eating and socializing, talking about the status of the school and then cleaning up. So instead of sitting at home alone all day long, I generally go with him.

This Sunday was the first meal since we started our low carb diet. I didn't want to go because, even though they were having bacon & eggs, they were also serving french toast, biscuits & gravy etc. Again, he insisted I go, so I told myself that I would eat the bacon, eggs and sausage, but no more. But of course, I ate the french toast as well. He even made a strawberry sauce to go over it. Yum!

It was the first sugar I've had since the January 1. To say it tasted yummy would be a grave understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the time spent with friends. But afterward, I was so mad at myself for eating so much. I was practically in tears because I felt so fat.

Then I realized that it wasn't so bad.

That was the only meal I had that day. No breakfast or dinner. So the calories and carbs consumed in that meal were all I had to calculate. And sure it was a much higher number than the previous week, but it still wasn't worth getting so upset over.

The morale of this story though comes from Monday. I woke up determined to get back on plan. And I did. I only ate the things we had bought for our new lifestyle. I didn't let that one meal ruin everything we've been working so hard for.

I'm down 10 pounds now and that one meal is not going to ruin it. Sure, I may have to face not having a loss this week, or even worse a gain, but that's going to happen every week. I'm going to have bad days, even bad weeks. But if I move past it and get back on plan, I will succeed.


  1. A few slices of french toast now and again isn't going to ruin everything. You are right to minimize the sugar though. But don't punish yourself by then skipping the rest of the day's meals...that's no good for your metabolism!
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  2. I wasn't punishing myself by skipping out of the rest of the days meals. We ate at like 3 and I honestly wasn't hungry again that night. It was a big breakfast!