Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Tiny Confession

Okay, I have a tiny confession to make.

I know I said I was going to wait one month before weighing in again. I just couldn't. I was trying so hard to be good. But I needed to know if the major changes I was making to my lifestyle were having any effect.

And guess what? They are!

After one week, I lost 7 pounds! Now, of course, I know that some of that was surely water weight and not really a loss. However, I weighed myself properly, on the same day of the week, around the same time, wearing the exact same thing. And the number came out the same 3 times in a row. So! I'm excited.

I've also noticed some other things changing with my body. For one thing, with the PCOS, I have never had a regular menstrual cycle. Doctors have told me that a cycle can be triggered by even the smallest weight loss. So guess what made an appearance last week as well?

Not to mention that I just feel better. I feel better about myself for eating healthy, for making changes in my life that will impact who I am for years to come.

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