Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Questions Asked

First, the good news. Let me just say how excited I was today to be mentioned on The Fat Girl's Guide to Living! Thank you Tee! I've been reading their blog for awhile now and I absolutely love it. If you haven't done so, you MUST check it out.

Now, the bad news. Dreadful is more like it. Saturday marked my 11th week recording my weight on this blog. When I started, I was at 311 pounds. I was at a high point in this struggle. My best friend and I had just have a long conversation and we vowed we would help each other get healthy. This would be marked by weekly weigh-ins and phone calls to report the news to each other.

*Side Note* She lives more than 6 hours away, in our home town. Phone calls are all the we have.

Her participation didn't last very long. I totally understand. She has 2 kids and a very busy schedule. But I don't have those excuses. I only work 35 hours a week. And I still wanted this to be my time to shine.

I had set a little goal in my head that ends this weekend. I am going home for a short visit over the Labor Day holiday. I am going to see my friend and I had hoped we would be celebrating our weight loss victories together. Instead, I am up 6.5 pounds.

I have to ask myself why. Why could I not lose 11 pounds in 11 weeks? Surely a pound a week isn't difficult to lose, not for someone my size. It seems like I do a better job at losing weight or at least maintaining my weight when I'm not focused on dieting or exercise.

But every time I try to restrict myself, even the slightest amount, I end up sabotaging my plans. Why am I not ready for this to happen? Why can't I get motivated to lose weight? Just how far down do I have to get before I reach the bottom? I thought I was ready to start picking myself up out of this fat hole of depression and get on with my life. Why am I doing this to myself?!?!

And more importantly, how do I stop?

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  1. I feel your pain, since it is my own. If it's okay, I'd like to offer some advice. Not that I'm a "recovered fattie" or anything, but because I feel like I'm SLOWLY starting to understand my body. 1st off, everyone's different and nearly every diet plan is flawed. The only diet that EVER worked for me was portion control and listening to my body. If a food I just ate makes me tired, it's bad for you, and if you feel MORE energetic then it's good. But that's me. There are millions of reasons people gain weight, and most have NOTHING to do with diet and exercise. If I may, look for the book UltraMetabolism. It sound stupid, I know, but it has quizzes and guides to the OTHER things that are blocking weight loss. I had a stress problem. I took up green tea & tai chi and lost 20 lbs. Sorry for rambling! Don't forget though, there really is nothing wrong with your body that a change in fashion can't fix!