Friday, September 11, 2009

An Optimist's View on Being Sick

I've been sick all week. Really sick. The kind of sick that you don't even want to hear about. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work, despite how cruddy I feel. No one else can do some of the things I do, so I crawled out of bed this morning and am now sitting here waiting on someone to finish his work before I can start mine.

*I'm a bit grouchy.*

But since no one wants to learn how to do this work, I'm here spreading my germs all around. I won't feel sorry for anyone if they get sick.

*More grouchiness.*

The one good thing about being sick is a loss of appetite. Does anyone else like getting sick, simply because it means dropping a pound or two in a week with no effort? Sure, there's the stuffy nose and the sore throat, the nausea and the aches and pains to deal with. But losing 2 pounds without exercising is awesome!

*Cheers up a little.*

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