Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Recap

If you would have asked me yesterday morning what the theme of my March recap post was going to be, I would have told you it was FAILURE!  It was a lousy month. I ate out a whole bunch. I had some emotional stuff to deal with and we went on vacation.

Before vacation, I made sure to weigh myself, so when we got back, I could know just how much weight I'd gained. Great positive thinking, right?  But I didn't want to fool myself. Sure, we were going to be doing a lot of walking. But, eating out every meal makes it hard to stick to plan.

I didn't even come close to sticking to a low carb diet on our vacation. I had french toast one morning! Oh, but it was the best french toast ever! It was at Flapjacks (never been there before) and it was cinnamon and apple french toast. Oh my goodness.....heaven on a plate! Not to mention the sweet potato with brown sugar butter on it that I got on 2 different nights. Whoops!

I'm glad that we had such a good time on our trip. And it was nice not worrying about every little calorie for a few days. So I was willing to pay the price when we got back home. But I couldn't. When we got back, we found our scale had died. Assuming it was just the battery since it had never been replaced, we bought a new one at the store and brought it home to find it wasn't just the battery. That was a bummer. I liked that scale and we haven't had it all that long.

The trouble with the scale delayed my after trip weigh-in and I couldn't have been happier! I didn't have to see that high number. I was actually afraid that I was back in the 300's. I shudder to think about gaining that much weight! Yesterday afternoon, we got a new scale and I couldn't put the weigh-in off any longer. So this morning I stepped on the new scale for the first time and was thrilled with the results!

So to recap:  as of February 28, 2010 - 298.5
                     as of March 31, 2010 - 293.2
                     Total lost in March - 5.3
                     Total lost in 2010 - 25.3

I'm slightly disappointed that I only lost 5 pounds in March, but really, considering everything that happened, I am still pleased with my results. Oh and case you were wondering, right before vacation I weighed 296. After we got back, I was sick for several days and am still even now still under the weather, so I think that was a major contributing factor to me losing more weight.


  1. I love your monthly recap. I may steal it from you, with full credit for originality going back to you. :) You had a great month and a great year so far. Oh yeah, and thanks for not giving up on me! :)