Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Beginning

I've been feeling pretty depressed lately. I created this blog a month ago and still haven't done anything with it. That's because I haven't started dieting at all.

Today, I got motivated. I did a bunch of research on Weight Watchers and how to do it at home without paying for the program. A monthly fee is just not something we can take into our budget at the moment.

Plus I don't have a lot of faith in my success so I don't want to pay for it. That's great thinking to start out with huh?

But I did the research and then I talked to my best friend on the phone for a long time. Usually, she has her two girls and neither one of us can really talk long. Today our conversation lasted just over an hour and a half. It was so good talking to her.

Weight issues is a natural conversation topic with us because we've both struggled with it for years. Having her around was always a great motivator for me. But she lives 6 hours away now, so it's hard maintaining that relationship. And when we talk, I don't want to bring up the negative stuff.

We decided we should start talking more often, like once a week, to try and keep each other in line. And I really want to do it this time.

I want to change my life.

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