Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update on Jillian

I've taken the Jillian Michaels 14 day Cleanse for the first week now and I've got to say, it's really helped! I've definitely felt a difference, both good and bad changes. Of course, I've had some digestive issues, but nothing too bad.

It's been nothing compared to the weight I've lost. At the end of March, I was at 293.2. I'm already at 288.2. That's a 5 pound loss, almost as much as I lost the entire month of March! Wow!

I'll post another update once I finish with the cleanse. I would definitely say it's worth checking out, if you're thinking about trying it.


  1. I might have to check this out! How much is it? And what is it supposed to do? Curb your appetite or something else?

  2. Original price is $39.99, but my husband found it on sale at Walmart for $29.99. I hadn't even considered it, till he brought it home. He knew I had kinda hit a plateau and thought this might help. And it did!

    It's supposed to help "jumpstart" your diet program. According to the website, "it helps reduce belly bloat, reduce body waste buildup, support your colon and digestive system, help support the liver’s natural detoxification process..."

    There are 2 stages. The first week, you take the 2 Detox & Cleanse pills in the morning and 2 at night. The second week, you take 3 pills, 1 Probiotic MetaCap (which is a dietary supplement) and 2 fat burner pills, in the morning and 2 fat burner pills at night.

    Hope this helps!